Would You Pay $100 For a Donut?

Let’s be real: People love their desserts!

Still, would you pay $100.00 for a donut?!

Dolicious Donuts, located in West Kelowna, Canada, recently crafted this specialty donut that is covered in 24-karat gold flakes and edible sugar diamonds.  Originally, it was the owners brainchild due to a request from a loyal customer who wanted a special confection to propose to his girlfriend with.


The donut, named the Donutopia is anything other than an ordinary donut.  It’s made with pure 24-karat gold flakes, sugar diamonds, ice wine, luxury bottled water and a chocolate topping infused with aged balsamic vinegar.

And before you think about swinging by to grab your very own $100 donut, think again: each ones takes anywhere between three and five hours to make.

Even better than being able to afford shelling out $100 to eat an exclusive dessert? All proceeds from sales of the Donutopia benefit a local soup kitchen for the less fortunate.