Would You Live Inside of a Rock?

We’ve heard of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, but we’d never heard of actually living inside of, well, a rock that is a hard place.


High above the world on a boulder-strewn slope in the Swiss Alps is a tiny one-person cabin that is concealed inside of a fake boulder.  The cabin features a bed, fold-out table, stool, fireplace, and even a window.  The window, in fact, is the only way many hikers in the area can tell that it isn’t a real boulder.


A Geneva-based studio, Bureau A, built the camouflaged cabin in the long-standing Swiss tradition of hidden bunks and military infrastructure. The cabin inside of a boulder is also a tribute to the French philosopher Paul Virilio, who wrote about bunker archaeology and the principles of camouflage.


The cabin is located along the path between La Chaux and Ruinettes, however, the exact location is a secret.  The designers have stated that the cabin is only meant for use by those who just happen upon it.

Check out the video HERE that details the design and construction of the hidden cabin!