Would You Live in a Floating Apartment?

Imagine living in a luxurious apartment or condo where you had unimaginable ocean and inspirational city views.  Now, imagine that you not only have these fantastic views, but that they change continuously throughout the day.

Welcome to The World, a residential cruise ship where you can travel the world without ever leaving home!


Travel can be rewarding; you see the world, explore places and experience cultures that will result in a lifetime of memories and usually positive life altering experiences.

Travel can also be a pain; the constant packing and unpacking, the hustle and bustle of getting from one destination to another and the stress of uncomfortable or unpleasant hotel rooms or airplane seats.


The residents of the World are surrounded by the comforts of their own homes and spend their free time not only exploring new destinations but swimming, golfing, dancing, shopping and dining out in one of the ships many restaurants.


The World is 12 stories tall and comprised of 165 apartments ranging from studios up to three bedrooms, although some residents have purchased more than one floor plan and remodeled them into even larger spaces.

Would you want to live in a floating apartment?