Would You Live As a “Human Prop” For Cheap Rent?

Furnishing an empty house for sale and setting up “model” accessories to make it seem lived in is so 2000’s. Using human props is now the biggest trend when it comes to showing and selling homes!

What is a human prop? A human prop (or props) are actual people who receive very discounted, or sometimes free rent just for living in an upscale home for sale.

Sounds easy, but it really isn’t!

As a human prop (or props, as many times it can be a complete family and not just an individual), you are expected to keep the home and your accessories immaculate at all times, be prepared to leave the house at a moments notice in case of a “showing” by the realtor and be ready and willing to up and move yourself and all of your furnishings and/or accessories within a few days notice after the sales transaction is complete.

Still, the amount of savings on rent and utilities and the luxury of living in a sometimes pre-furnished upscale home can be worthwhile for a family or individual and the real estate companies swear that the “energy” added to the otherwise vacant home helps sell the listing faster and at times for above asking cost!

If you are interested in getting more details on how to qualify or live as a “human prop”, check out the website for Show Homes.