Would You Eat Gourmet Food from a Nespresso-Like Machine?

It’s no secret that single pod coffee machines such as Keurig and Nespresso have changed the way that we prepare and drink coffee on a day-to-day basis.  Swiss startup company, Nutresia, is looking to utilize similar technology in order to produce gourmet, restaurant quality food with just the simple insertion of a “pod” and the touch of a button.  The intention is called ChefCuisine.

Nutresia has been working with one of the top chefs in France, Anne-Sophie Pic, to develop and fine tune 30 of the meals which include appetizers, sides and entrees.


The idea is that you would purchase vacuum packed food capsules online that are filled with a pre-cooked meal such as foie gras with lemon confit, chicken with date chutney or beef fillet with soya honey and mungo beans.  Each capsule would contain a microchip telling the machine the cooking temperature and time.

Delivery would occur within 24 hours after which, as with the coffee pod machines, you would simply insert the capsule into the machine, fill it with water and then push the button to activate “cooking”.  A plating kit will also be offered in order to ensure the most authentic “restaurant at home” experience.

We have to wonder if, in a world that seems to be embracing more organic, home grown meals over pre-packaged ones, would the ChefCuisine succeed regardless of how high-tech it seems? French lovers of fine dining are already voicing their concerns, praises and dismay.

For those of you who speak French, you can check out the official website HERE and the video above!