Where to Find the Best Estate Sales in Los Angeles

We’ve posted about the joys of decorating your apartment or home with eclectic, used furniture and we’ve written about the best websites to find cool vintage furniture on, but when searching for used, unique and/or vintage pieces, where can you go in person to find amazing deals?

Ever heard of an estate sale?


Estate sales are similar to a yard sale, however, they are usually much larger and more upscale in regards to what is being sold.  In most cases, an estate sale happens, unfortunately, due to the previous owner of the items passing away and their “estate” or next-of-kin or whomever is in charge of tieing up their affairs afterwards must find their items a new home.

Luckily for you, estate sales can be amazing jackpots full of great furniture and accessories, even some antiques, selling for a very small portion of their value!

If you are looking to hit up some estate sales in the Los Angeles area, we recommend checking out the Los Angeles section of EstateSales.net.  Not only are sales listed by date and area, but each listing will usually also give you a rundown of what exactly is up for sale.

So put on comfortable shoes, grab some cash from the ATM and get ready to hunt for some not-so-buried treasures!