What Los Angeles Neighborhoods Match Up to New York Neighborhoods

Are you from Los Angeles and thinking about moving to New York?

Are you from New York and thinking about moving to Los Angeles?

Moving across the country can be difficult, especially when you aren’t familiar with your new cities neighborhoods.

Low and behold, Curbed LA, an awesome website that keeps the public up-to-date on all things development, closures and construction, has posted a really great video by the Big City Web Series on what neighborhoods “match up” in Los Angeles and New York.

You can watch the video in its entirety HERE or read our cheat sheet below.

  • LA’s Silverlake is the equivalent of NYC’s Williamsburg
  • LA’s Hollywood/Highland is the equivalent of NYC’s Times Square
  • LA’s Beverly Hills is the equivalent of NYC’s Upper East Side
  • LA’s Laguna Beach is the equivalent of NYC’s Hamptons
  • LA’s Burbank is the equivalent of NYC’s Staten Island

We’ve also found THIS great article by the Morning News that compares the major neighborhoods of New York to neighborhoods that are similar all over the United States including Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Miami and many other cosmopolitan US cities.

Here are a few of the comparisons mentioned in their article:

  • LA’s Venice is the equivalent of NYC’s Queens
  • LA’s Santa Monica is the equivalent of NYC’s Cobble Hill
  • LA’s West Hollywood is the equivalent of NYC’s Chelsea or the Village
  • LA’s Silverlake is the equivalent of NYC’s Greenpoint.

If you’re considering a move from the big apple to any other large city in the US or are at least familiar with NYC neighborhoods, read the rest of the article to gain more insights on the lifestyle and overall feel of their neighborhoods.