Water World: The Floating Canadian Compound

Every fancied the notion of really getting away from it all? So did Canadian couple Wayne Adams and Catherine King who, back in 1992, decided to uproot their lives and live miles away from civilization on a floating community that they had just completed building!

Aptly named ‘Freedom Cove’, their colorful floating home is located off the coast of Tofino in British Columbia and consists of 12 platforms, supporting wooden buildings, greenhouses, a lighthouse, and living spaces that are all interconnected through wooden pathways.


Not only is their living situation truly unique, but it is also self-sustaining.  The couple, along with their two children, collect drinking water from the winter rain and also from a nearby waterfall.  Food isn’t a problem because they grow fruits and vegetables all year round in several of their floating greenhouses.  And power? That’s generated via solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators.

Intrigued? King and Adams have opened Freedom Cove to tourists who arrive via charter from Vancouver Island in order to teach them about self-sufficiency through the greenest living possible and living amongst nature.

Not heading to Canada anytime soon? Check out the video tour below!