Waste Not Want Not: Recipes Using What You Already Have

When it seems like your fridge is empty and that your cupboards are bare, ask yourself…Are they really empty and bare or is it just that obvious ingredients aren’t “jumping out at you”?

Most of us have cans of food that sit on our shelves that we never use or those half empty condiments in our fridge that are wasting away.  If you want to waste less of the ingredients that you already have in your kitchen while learning new recipes, check out the 2 free websites below that, based on an inventory that you take, show you all of the many options for recipes without having to go to the grocery store!



Free and easy website with a simple check-box way to enter an unlimited inventory of what you’re already working with.



Great website for those who not only want to find out what they can make with what they already have, but can also exclude dietary restrictions such as “nut free”, “gluten free”, “dairy free” and more.