Warming Up Your Los Angeles Apartment

It’s finally happened! The strange October heat wave is over (for now) and Los Angeles apartment renters have started to turn off their air conditioning and store away their shorts and tank tops for the season.

While Los Angeles apartment renters rarely need to deal with the same freezing cold temperatures that their counterparts in the East Coast and Midwest do, the temperatures do drop, sometimes drastically from day to night. Here are a few ways to warm up your Los Angeles apartment without turning the heat on and the utility bills up!

Smokeless Fireplaces

Who knew? You can both decorate and heat your home with smokeless fireplaces! Also referred to as a ventless fireplace, you can opt for more traditional designs with actual mantelpieces or choose one of these sleek and modern wall-mount smokeless fireplaces .

Cozy Throws

Not just for looks, a throw can warm provide casual warmth (and did we mention, snuggling?!) around your Los Angeles apartment or house. Wool, cotton fleece and cashmere are the warmest materials for throws. Luxury Los Angeles apartments may opt for designer options from Missoni , Ralph Lauren or Hermes.

Affordable apartments may consider chic and cozy throws from West Elm, CB2 or Z Gallerie!

Lovely Candles and Candle Heaters

Candles are a traditional decoration staple, but did you know that they also give off a fair amount of heat? Lighting a few candles can provide a good amount of heat within a small space, which is why in colder parts of the world, drivers are advised to keep a few candles and lighting materials in the car in case they are ever stalled out in cold weather.

As an more powerful alternative, there are now candle powered heaters available for sale, such as this inexpensive and green option from Heatstick!