Walkability: Why It’s Important for the Best Los Angeles Apartments

When thinking of what features you are looking for in a new Los Angeles apartment home, there are some that usually come to mind; on-site parking, dishwasher provided and washer and dryer in the unit.

But what about walkability? This is a feature that many people, especially those who are new to Los Angeles, may not think of.

With the high cost of gas and the insane amount of traffic jams that people who live in Los Angeles apartments experience, being able to walk to shopping, dining and entertainment can be a huge factor, although often an overlooked one.

When searching for a new Los Angeles apartment, and keeping walkability in mind, you should decide if it is more important to be within walking distance of your place of employment or school or to be within walking distance of places that you prefer to frequent in your down time.

Both options have their pros and cons.  For instance, living in your new Los Angeles apartment that is within walking distance  to your school or place of employment can be very convenient and save you on commute times, but for some, being within that close of proximity may be very stressful and they prefer to physically feel very separate from those places in their down time.  Others may not mind or even give it much thought.

Living within walking distance to areas your frequent in your downtime also has its pros and cons; the pro being that yes, you can get exercise and avoid traffic and feel way less stressed when you aren’t at work or school, the con being that you will most likely spend less time at home and more money when you are out and about-everything is so close and very hard to resist the temptation of frequenting even more then you already do!

Then again, you may get lucky and live in one of our Los Angeles apartments that is within walking distance to both your school or place of employment and all of those lovely restaurants, cafes, bars and shops that you love.

Check our all of our apartments at www.NmsProperties.com.  Each building has its Walk Score posted next to it.  Happy apartment hunting!