No Lie: Our Monthly Furnished Apartments in Los Angeles Are the Real Deal

Don’t be fooled by some of the companies out there that may try to pull the old “bait and switch” technique on you when you’re searching from outside of the Los Angeles area for a monthly furnished apartment in Los Angeles.

Wilshire Margot

There are those out there that will post photos of visually stunning rooms and furnishings only for you to move into a monthly furnished apartment in LA that looks nothing like those pictures!

Here at NMS Properties, we strive to deliver not only superior product and services, but to deliver them in an honest way.

NMS La Cienega

Check out this video featuring just a few of our luxury Los Angeles apartments for monthly furnished stays.  The buildings, interiors and furnishings are all new or brand new with ultra-modern furnishings and accessories.

For more information about the monthly furnished apartments in Los Angeles that are featured in the video, contact Wilshire Margot at (310) 475-7600 for the Westwood/Beverly Hills location, NMS La Cienega at (310)  360-7700 for the West Hollywood location or the NMS Leasing Gallery at (310) 656-2700 for our Santa Monica furnished rentals.