Two Santa Monica Restaurants Featured on L.A. Times List of Cheap Eats

Attention, residents of NMS’s Santa Monica apartments: Don’t believe the hype that there aren’t any affordable dining options in the city. The Los Angeles Times has just published a list of “50 Places to Eat for $5 or Less” in Southern California and a pair of Santa Monica restaurants made the cut.

Leading the list is Cha Cha Chicken, which is located close to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], among many other residential communities. The Times highlighted Cha Cha Chicken’s chicken gumbo soup with corn bread, which costs a mere $3.50.

“Cha Cha Chicken is a small, colorful beach shack in Santa Monica with countless loyal fans of its Jamaican jerk-rubbed Cha Cha Chicken and coconut fried chicken, but the love doesn’t stop there,” the article reads.

Also on the list is the beloved Bay Cities Deli, which is nearby [email protected], [email protected], and the soon-to-be-opened [email protected], along with additional NMS properties. While it may be surprising to see the 87-year-old Italian establishment on the list — the large prosciutto parma and breasola sandwiches, for example, cost $13 apiece.

But the Times identified one sandwich that does come in at less than $5: the small Poor Boy. With bologna, cotto salami and Swiss cheese, as well as additional toppings and condiments, the Poor Boy is “one of the best sandwiches on the menu,” according to the Times.

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