Tricks to Small Spaces

Is your cramped space cramping your style? Whether you can touch the walls of your bedroom without leaving your bed, or you have converted your living room into an office-bedroom-dining- room hybrid, we’ve got some tricks to help make the most of your small space!

  • Paint your ceiling the same color as your walls, by doing this you are blurring the lines so the space automatically feels larger—you are creating infinity. Some goes for shelves, paint them the same hue as your walls, they will look much better.
  • Play with scale. Hang large mirrors on small walls, or large pieces of artwork in small areas. Most small rooms lack drama because people think they need to under-decorate or decorate with small pieces, this is not true.
  • Never underestimate the light! Lightening will expand and add depth, so add table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. However, you need to beware of creating unnecessary shadows.
  • Once you figure out which color scheme you want to go with in a room, keep everything white and just use accent pieces and accessories in your color choice. This will make things appear bigger.
  • The use of reflective pieces can make rooms look bigger and also create light where there would not necessarily be light. Use reflective pieces to throw natural light around in your space.
  • Try to avoid big and bulky furniture that takes up a lot of floor space. Try to go with furniture that has legs and you can see underneath, rather than something that sits on the floor and takes up space. Glass furniture creates the illusion of more space too.