Trick Or Healthy Halloween Treats

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart in order to whip up some incredibly healthy treats for your kids (or adult family members) this Halloween. Here are some of the easiest and healthiest spooky Halloween-themed treats we’ve wrangled up, just for you!

Clementine Pumpkins

Peel a few clementines or even an orange. Add a celery stick to the top as a “pumpkin stem” and voila!


Peel and slice bananas in half. Add on eyes and a mouth using chocolate chips or, as a healthier alternative, raisons!

Candy Corn Fruit Cups

Alternate layers of pineapple chunks and orange slices, then top with creamy Greek yogurt (or whipped cream as a slightly less healthy option). Top with a candy corn!

Creepy Peepers

Great as a healthy Halloween snack or as a party platter when entertaining vegetarian guests! Slice large carrots into 1-inch-thick chunks, then top each individual slice with a dollop of cream cheese and one half of a pitted black olive. Serve on your spookiest dish and garnish with a few fake spiders for added effect!

Halloween Black Bean Dip

This snack is less of a garnish in itself and more depends on the uber-easy garnish that you add to it. Make your own or buy black bean dip from the grocery store. After putting it in a dish, place the dish on a large platter. Around Halloween you can buy black and orange tortilla chips like the ones below at any grocery store. After adding them to the platter, draw your spider web onto the black bean dip with sour crème, either carefully with a spoon or with a cake decorating pastry bag. Top with a few plastic spiders and you’re done!

Learn how to make a delicious, healthy black bean dip perfect for Halloween by piping a spider web design on the dip with sour cream! // #SpiderWeb #BlackBean #Dip #halloween