Top 10 Ways to Save Space in Your One-Bedroom or Studio Apartment

If you live in a one-bedroom or studio apartment or are about to do so saving space is inevitably a constant concern. Here at NMS, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions on how you can make your living experience more enjoyable:

1. Take Advantage of NMS’s Unique Furniture Organizer Tool. Whether you’re currently living at an NMS property or are planning to move into one, you are welcome to use our unique Furniture Organizer tool. Current and future residents of properties such as [email protected], [email protected] and Olympic Studios can plan their apartment layout in virtual form. Your arms and back will thank you later!

2. Tame Your Tupperware. Whether you’re apt to eat out or eat in, you’ll surely have leftovers in need of storing. Rather than letting stacks or rows of Tupperware occupy too much space in your kitchen cabinets, place them inside each other Russian doll-style, in descending order of size.

3. Spices: Rack ‘Em Up! NMS apartments in Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Westwood and elsewhere are close to some of the best dining destinations in all of Southern California. But if you’re still inclined to cook at home, don’t let your supplies dominate the kitchen or get squished into the side of a cabinet. Instead, use a lazy susan-style or tiered spice rack to keep all your essential additives within easy reach (and easy view).

4. Behold the Over-the-Door Shoe Rack! Make good use of the back of a bedroom or closet door and avoid piles of sneakers by investing 20 or 25 bucks in a over-the-door shoe rack. You can find one at the Bed Bath & Beyond on Olympic Boulevard, between Barrington Avenue and Bundy Drive, or the Container Store on Santa Monica Boulevard, just east of Beverly Glen Boulevard.

5. Collapse Those Boxes. If you’re not planning to live in your apartment for the long term and don’t want to ditch your moving boxes, collapse them to save space. Use scissors to cut tape holding corners together, and fold the sides accordingly. We all know that moving can be stressful; try not to tear apart the boxes when you break them down!

6. The Magic Tapestry. If you’re in sore need of more storage space, drape a tapestry over your living room table or kitchen countertop to cleverly mask the crates or boxes underneath. It‘s a perfect place to stow away extra towels, photo albums, records and more. Your guests will never know!

7. What Lurks Under the Bed? Similar to the above, take advantage of the space underneath your bed by storing collapsed boxes [see tip #4], extra bed sheets, luggage, DVD/Blu-Ray racks, etc. Make sure to regularly sweep and clean, though, as dustballs and other undesirable elements are apt to accrue under beds.

8. File Under: Furniture. Contrary to what a CPA might tell you, a heavy-duty metal filing cabinet isn’t just for storing important documents. Double up its usage by placing a lamp, TV or stereo speaker on top of it, with a high-quality, dark piece of linen or cloth in between. If you’re placing a heavy object on top, make sure you fill up the cabinet drawers ahead of time, so the filing cabinet can handle the weight.

9. Stacking Safety. Tempted as you may be to stack boxes, crates and such, be cognizant that you’re living in Southern California, which has a bit of a reputation when it comes to earthquakes. Take note of your city’s or neighborhood’s safety emergency- and disaster-preparedness precautions [link to SEO page here?], and bear potential tremors in mind when organizing your apartment.

10. Simplify. From too many clothes to stacks of nonperishable food products to old computer hardware, there are many other easy ways to free up space. All you have to do, as the expression goes, is “Just let go.” Donate items that would be of more use to others than yourself; pitch other backlogs that might land you on the next episode of “Hoarders.” And don’t forget to recycle computer products, hazardous materials, shopping catalogs, magazines, newspapers, packaging materials and the like.

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