Tips To Maximize Space in an Affordable Studio Apartment in Los Angeles

How to Organize an Affordable Studio Apartment in Los Angeles



Affordable Studio Apartments for Rent in Los Angeles Decorating Tips

1.Concentrate on making your apartment both attractive and functional.
2.Consider how you will use your apartment then determine what type of floor plan will be the most functional for you.
3.Use bookcases and screens to separate your living area from your sleeping area.
4.Find a bed that will work for a small space so you can maximize your living area when you aren’t sleeping. Bed options to consider include: a Murphy bed, sleeper sofa, daybed or futon.
5.Look for furniture that can fold up or roll out of the way when not in use. Most home office furniture stores have pieces that work well in studio spaces or if you already have a favorite piece you can attach easy- rolling casters to make it mobile.
6.Group your items in one or two areas so you can maximize floor space, which will make your space seem larger.
7.Think vertical. To maximize storage and to give the feel of a larger space get taller bookcases that you can put baskets on top of to store miscellaneous and small items.