Time to Kill? 3 Entertaining Websites that Will Have You Hooked!

It seems sometimes that there is never enough time in the day to do everything that you need.  Rarely, we are left with minutes or even hours with nothing to do.  Then what?

If you’re someone who likes a little entertainment in their spare time, check out these 3 cool websites that are sure to help time fly by when you need it!

time to waste

1.  StumbledUpon

And oldie but a goodie, StumbledUpon.com has actually existed since 2002.  Like a search engine, you simply pick your main interests and then the site will recommend various types of content that you can then save and/or vote positively or negatively.  The search engine or, “discovery engine”, will then remember patterns in types of content that you have marked positively and then recommend even more!  The website is free to use.

2.  Bored Panda

Like your entertainment positive and highly visual? This website is simple and dedicated to odd, creative and interesting news stories and photos from around the world.

3.  Buzz Feed

A current and extremely popular website, you’ll be provided with an overload of pop culture, quizzes and weird and interesting articles!