Three Tips for Downsizing Your Living Space

Micro-apartments and tiny homes may be all of the rage, but many people find it hard to wrap their heads around living without so much…stuff.  Apartment Therapy interviewed three different people who have gone through the process of relocating from a large apartment or house to a much smaller space in order to find out what their 3 most valuable tips are.

  1.  Start Early

    You won’t do yourself any favors by procrastinating and waiting right before move time to toss or re-home items.  Get an early start, maybe even before finding your new, cozier home to avoid stress and possible over-packing.

  2. Give Your Items to a Good Home

    Figure out what you prefer to donate versus what you can make a little money off of by selling.  Give your friends and family “first dibs” to feel secure in knowing that those “hard to let go of” items will be put to good use or cherished.

  3. Let Go of Things You Rarely Ever Use

    Basically, if you can’t recall the last time that you used something, you probably shouldn’t put it in the “to pack” pile.


You can read the article in its entirety HERE.