The Pros and Cons of Ordering Thanksgiving Groceries Online

In this day and age there is almost nothing that you can’t get delivered straight to your front door, all in the name of convenience and saving time!

Having your groceries delivered in Southern California is becoming a norm as more and more chain grocery markets and large corporate conglomerates such as get into the mix.

So if you’re planning on hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, should you pay that traditional, hectic trip to the grocery store in person or arrange for a delivery? Let’s examine the pros and cons of having your groceries delivered for Thanksgiving dinner.



  • Time Saving.
    While you could be at the grocery store battling over bread and waiting in what feels like the longest check out line ever, you could be spending time cleaning for guests or doing other pre-dinner prep work.
  • Less Temptation.
    Have you ever gone into the grocery store for 10 things but came out with 20? Shopping online makes it easy to narrow down your list to your true “needs” and hold off on those tempting last minute “wants” such as the fresh baked donuts you spy in the bakery department.



  • Delivery Fees.
    Regardless of where you may order your groceries from, there is almost always a delivery fee and at time, a surcharge for fuel.  Be sure to find out what fees will be involved with your grocery delivery before virtually filling a “cart” full of goods and then being surprised once you reach “check out”.
  • Substitutions
    If you are shopping online, make sure that you do it enough in advance to where any “substitutions” from the grocery delivery service won’t cause problems.  Most grocery stores that deliver allow you the option of opting in or out of brand or size substitutions in case a certain good is out of stock.  Some are not willing to risk the substitution, but others who order their Thanksgiving dinner groceries in advance may not be bothered.

To find out what kinds of grocery delivery services are available in your area, just Google the key words “grocery delivery” and your zipcode, or check out these major grocery supplies in the Southern California area: Vons,, and Ralphs.