The Perks of Renting a Santa Monica Corporate Apartment

Traveling for work can be fun, but if you spend a vast majority of your time doing it, regardless of how many nights per week you are away from home, it can be exhausting.

If you and/or your coworkers find yourself spending a lot of time on the westside of Los Angeles, why not speak with your employer about investing in a Santa Monica corporate apartment?

The NMS Properties portfolio of Santa Monica corporate apartments are a hit with employers and their employees. Check out the reasons why below!

Why Employers Love NMS Santa Monica Corporate Apartments

  • Rates are overall less expensive than paying for a hotel room in the area.
  • Applications are accepted in a corporations name.
  • Revolving temporary residents are permitted with notice.
  • No additional charge for parking onsite.
  • These furnished apartments in Santa Monica are available for 31+ day stays.
  • Happier, less stressed traveling employees are healthier, more productive employees.

Why Employees Love NMS Santa Monica Corporate Apartments

  • Much more space than a hotel room.
  • Full kitchen to cook or entertain in.
  • Washer and dryer in-unit.
  • Dogs and/or cats are welcome with notice and deposit.
  • Furniture and accessories are new and trendy.
  • Less driving as these short term Santa Monica rentals are located within literal steps from dozens of shops and restaurants.

For information on the various buildings that offer furnished short term stays in Santa Monica apartments, contact Irina at (310) 656-2700.