The Perfect Bathroom for Game of Thrones Fanatics

The runaway hit tv show, Game of Thrones, premiered Season 5 just a few short weeks ago.  If you or someone that you know are one of it’s millions of fans or, correction, a super fan, then check out this Game of Thrones inspired “throne room” that  we found over on Off Beat Home.  After doing some digging, we found quite a few more options which we’ve added below.  Enjoy!

The Shower Curtain

Wow. We were very surprised to find a crazy amount of shower curtains with Game of Thrones themes.  Most are designed by Society6 and they range from minimalist designs with simple quotes on them to more elaborate designs complete with photos of your favorite characters on them.


Toilet Paper Roll Holder

From the fine folks over at Sky Mall comes not one, but two possibly unintentionally Game of Thrones themed toilet paper roll holders!

Choose between a fierce dragon that clutches your tp with its talons or a helpful knight presenting you with your um, sanitary tissue, both for under $50.


Stag Toothbrush Holder

Off Beat Home found a very cool and affordable wall mount toothbrush holder as pictured below.  If you’re looking for a more simple toothbrush holder, opt for a version covered in faux leather or brushed nickel, both of which are usually available at your local Bed Bath and Beyond store.


Decorative Soap

Geek Soap has made some fun and scented guest soaps showcasing various houses.  Choose between Stark, Greyjoy, Lannister, Targaryen, Tyrell, Baratheon or load up on all of them for $6 per soap!


The Throne

Let’s face it; what good is a Game of Thrones themed bathroom without an actual “throne”? Turn your toilet into the Iron Throne with one of these cool decals available on Etsy in black or metallic gold, silver or copper.