The Newest Star in Hollywood: A Flight Simulator for Pets & People with a Fear of Flying

Have a dog who is or who may have some anxiety when traveling via airplane?

Air Hollywood, an ultra-realistic aviation-themed film studio in Los Angeles, is now offering classes geared towards helping a therapy animal, or pet, overcome anxiety and fear when flying or traveling throughout a busy airport.

The idea for the Air Hollywood K9 Flight School came to the ‘Air Hollywood’ soundstage owner, Talaat Captan, after he witnessing an uptight dog and an equally uptight owner struggling to pass through airport security. He then developed the concept for the fear of flying school which has turned out to be a big hit with dog owners!

The dogs and their owners are thoroughly trained on the entire aviation experience, including a realistic simulation of a takeoff, landing and flight turbulence.  In addition, before the simulation there is a run though of checking in, going through a terminal, TSA screening and boarding the plane.  The plane that is used sits on a working sound stage and is often also used for television and movie productions.

In addition to training dog’s side-by-side with their owners on how to behave and what to expect in an airport and on an airplane, the school also offers classes and simulators for humans with a fear of flying.  As of April 2014, Air Hollywood has also introduced Open Sky for Autism, a free-to-the-public program with simulations included for autistic and handicapped individuals with their travel companions.

For more information, check out the links above or contact Air Hollywood at 818.890.0444