The NEW Way to Do Brunch

Move over cocktail party, there’s a hot new kind of party in town and it’s called brunch!

While brunch is not exactly a new concept, the way to host one is!

Hosts and hostesses that are in-the-know know that guests want to mingle and have a good time, not be restricted to sitting behind a table and talking to only those within arms length.


Gone are the long linened tables and the uptight seating; the new way to do brunch is much less like sitting down to breakfast and much more like going to a cocktail party! Even better, if you’re an apartment dweller, it’s all the fun of a regular party without the late night noise complaints from the neighbors!

So what are the keys to successfully hosting the new kind of brunch?

1. Start with the Invitations.

The invitation, however it is relayed, will always set the tone for the event to come. Make sure people know that it will be a lively affair!

 2. Switch up the Seating.

Instead of having to limit yourself to the number of people that will fit around the dining room table, invite just as many people as you would for a cocktail party! After all, the new way to brunch is all about being social and while you should still be sure there is some seating for guests, many more can be accommodated as there will also be standing room, which leads us to…
3. Make your Food Mobile.

Balancing a plate in one hand and a drink in the other? Awkward! The new way to brunch is all about finger foods and brunch foods that are easy to eat like an appetizer.

As with a cocktail party, either set out trays or have the food served on platters with handy napkins nearby. Or, utilize those amazing little plastic cups to create individual portions of crunch food that guests can easily snack on while mingling around.

Untitled design (7)

Some of our favorites include the ever-easy Breakfast Pigs in a Blanket, individual proportions of yogurt and granola, Mini Muffin Tin Fritattas and Waffle Kabobs!

Tip? Keep your warm foods warm with disposable chaffing dishes, similar to the ones used by caterers the world over.

4. Don’t forget the drinks!

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch if it wasn’t for the cocktails, people. While old reliable such as Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s will never go out of fashion, why not expand your horizons?

Other drinks that can be fun and appropriate for a brunch bash include an Irish Whiskey, a Bellini or a refreshing and boozy Arnold Palmer.

brunch drank
To save some space and avoid tables full of bottles and mixers, invest in one or two good drink dispensers. These can be found at a Target or anywhere else kitchen items are sold.

More ideas and recipes can be found on the NMS @ La Cienega Brunch Party Pinterest board.