The New Trend in San Francisco Housing

San Francisco was recently named the number one most expensive city to live in in the United States.  To give you an idea of costs, median rent for a one bedroom apartment in the San Francisco area is around $3,500 while in Los Angeles a comparable property would be listed at $1,750.

It seems that due to the always surging rents of the city more and more young professionals are turning towards alternative forms of housing.  We’re not talking about roommates or even living in dorm-like apartments with 2-3 people to a bedroom, we’re talking about shipping containers!

Just a little farther away from San Fran is Oakland, where you’ll find a start-up alternative living village called “Containercopia” inside of a warehouse. Inside of Containercopia, you can rent a private, 160 square foot metal shipping container that has been, or can be, modified to feature glass windows, electricity and an in-unit bathroom..for only $600 per month.

While the article that we read in the DailyMail does admit that the containers are very basic and did not provide any contact information for the rentals, it does go into more detail about the underlying issue: More need for affordable housing in the San Francisco area and creative ways that mostly millennials are dealing with the sky high rents creatively.

It seems that more and more millennials in the area have also gotten creative with their housing: converting and living in buses and trailers or even opting to live in a micro-home or co-op.

And you thought rent in Los Angeles was expensive!