The Coconut Club: A Traveling Tiki Dining Experience in LA

Tiki bars and Polynesian themed restaurants were pretty big in Los Angeles from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.  Unfortunately, many of these iconic bars and restaurants from yesteryear are long gone along with their unique and quirky atmospheres and menus.

Enter The Coconut Club, Los Angeles’s only “underground” tiki themed supper club!


Photo by LA Magazine

This self-proclaimed “tropical-kitsch dining adventure” roves nomadically around the city, popping up in a different historic or nostalgic venue around the city.  The atmosphere and menu brings back the forgotten lure of the islands with flamboyantly embellished cocktails paired with the excitement and romance of tropical cuisine.

Each course and cocktail is introduced with a home spun back story as well as vintage film reels of Elvis in Hawaii and theatrical skits inspired by the stars of the tiki era.  There are even vegetarian dining options as long as they are made in advance!


Photo by LA Weekly

To become part of this unique and magical dining and drinking experience, check out the Coconut Clubs Facebook page or their website HERE.