The Cat Craze Continues to the Work Place

Here in Los Angeles, we have seen our fair share of cat crazes whether it is one of the many sweatshirts adorned with playful images of cats or even the new Catfe in Chinatown where Los Angeleans can get their caffeine and cat fix all in one place.

Still, we were surprised to read about a company in Japan that has actually resorted to bringing cats in as kind of “pets” for their employees, all in an effort to reduce stress!


An internet solutions business, the Ferray Corporation, has rescued and placed nine loving kitties throughout their office that are allowed to roam freely all through the day.

Does  it work? While the employees of Ferray Co. admit that there are the typical small level “annoyances” one may experience from having a cat around, such as the occasional accidental computer shut or guests’ personal items being “pawed through”, they are also reporting considerably lowered stress levels!

work cat

In addition, the company promotes employees bringing their own pets to work each day, which is avant-garde for a country that has very limited “pet friendly” housing. If an employee doesn’t already have a cat,  the company actually offers a 5,000 yen ($42) per month ‘cat bonus’ to anyone who is willing to adopt a cat.

Sound pretty purfect? While another Japanese company, Mars Japan Limited, does not report going so far as to provide its employees with the company of rescued cats throughout their workday, they do, in addition to promoting a daily “bring your pet to work” benefits, offer employees pet-related benefits such as time off, condolence pay and covering funeral costs in case of the unfortunate death of a pet.


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