Welcome to the Future: Dirt & Liquid-Proof T-Shirts

What if we told you that there is a company that makes t-shirts that repel both water dirt?

Well, listen up, because a Melbourne-based clothing and technology company ha done just that!

After extensive testing, Threadsmiths has created a line of 100 percent cotton t-shirts called ‘The Cavalier’ that are made of a material that repels both water and dirt.

When we first read about this in an article on Oddity Central we thought, “Sure, it repels water, but what about other substances?”, until we read that it basically repels any liquid, including tests with Gatorade and Coca Cola.  Even when being hosed down with a high pressure flow of water, the liquid simply beads up and rolls off of the fabric, leaving no trace of stain! Even Sriracha, beloved hot sauce the world over, is no match for the shirt!

The shirts are current selling for around $70 each but the water and dirt-proofing will only last through 80 washes. Then again, how much would you really need to wash a shirt that never gets dirty on the exterior?

Next stop, dirt and water-proof toddlers clothing, please!