The Best Outdoor Plants for Your Balcony or Patio

After yesterdays share of the great Apartment Therapy article on how to make the most of your apartments balcony or patio, we started thinking about plants and flowers, specifically, the kind that go outside on your balcony or patio as suggested in the article.

There are so many kinds of plants, and unless you’re already in-the-know, how can you tell which ones will thrive and which ones will wilt and die? We went to the original source of all things plant related, the Farmers Almanac, for answers!


While the almanac has been in publication since the 1700’s, the information is both up-to-date and timeless.  They’ve done the work for you by sorting outdoor plants and flowers by the amount of sun exposure your balcony or patio received: full sun, part sun, or shade. Just click on the type of plant of flower that strikes your fancy and find out not only what kind of sunlight exposure that it will need to thrive, but what kind of soil that you’ll need to plant it in as well as other care tips.

Enjoy and happy planting!