The Best Free Apps that Make Flying Easier

It’s about that time of year again when individuals, groups, families and friends start making their travel arrangements for the upcoming holiday season.

Flying during the holidays, regardless of the distance, can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Here we highlight some of the best FREE travel apps to make your flights a little more friendly!

Trip Tracker

This app receives automatic “pushes” from your phone regarding flight, hotel and car rental details without manual entry! Use it to track your flight or a friends.

In addition, it sends gate numbers, delay and cancellation information and baggage claim details.

Frustrated businessman in airport


Providing high resolution seat maps, frequent and not-so-frequent flyers are able to actually see where they will be sitting with flight, seat and plane amenity information included! Users can view and add their own photos of seating and cabins.


In addition to answering the most frequently asked questions regarding what you can and can not travel with, as well as special instructions for those traveling with children or the eldery, My TSA gives passengers the ability to post their checkpoint wait time and see what wait times other passengers have posted for U.S. airports. No more guessing!


Airport Zoom

Wondering what amenities are offered at a particular airport terminal? Wonder no more! This app gives information, reviews and details on restaurants, bars, salons and other amenities offered at over 120 airports.

Happy and safe travels!