The Best Commercial Rentals in Santa Monica

Regardless of if you are looking for a sleek, brand new office for rent in Santa Monica or maybe an eclectic and unique creative space for rent in Santa Monica, NMS Properties can help! Offering both short term and long term leases, NMS owns and manages several commercial spaces for rent in Santa Monica and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles.

For instance, NMS Studios is a sprawling commercial compound located off of Olympic Boulevard and close to Centinela.  With various building sprinkled around the property, most of them about half a century old, each floor plan is very unique! There are commercial lofts for rent, studios, free standing bungalows and more.

Over in the downtown neighborhood, there are warehouses for rent in Santa Monica as well as heavily trafficked retails spaces for rent in Santa Monica!

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Outside of the immediate area there are spaces for rent in downtown Santa Monica and the mid-city area of Santa Monica.  Some of the spaces are located in mixed use buildings, meaning that there are floors of residential apartments above, while others are free standing or side-by-side with other commercial spaces for rent in Los Angeles.

For more information, contact the NMS Studios rental office at (310) 453-5046.