The 10 Biggest Buts in Los Angeles (in GIF Format)

Los Angeles is a lovely place to live, but like anywhere else in the world, there are both pros and cons.  Today, in GIF format, we bring you the 10 biggest “buts” of living in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

  1. The Warm Weather

    Pro: Usually it’s always pretty sunny and warm…

    Con: But sometimes it’s a little too sunny and warm.

  2. The Beach

    Pro:  You’ll love living close enough to hang at the beach on the weekends…

    Con:  But so does everyone else.

  3. Nightlife

    Pro:  There’s always tons of fun places to go for a nightlife adventure…

    Con:  But be ready to wait line long lines for many of them.

  4. A Lack of Natural Disasters

    Pro: There are no hurricanes or tornadoes in Los Angeles…

    Con: But there is the occasional earthquake or forest fire.

  5. Entertainment Industry Employment Opportunities

    Pro:  Los Angeles is full of employment opportunities for those looking for work within the entertainment industry…

    Con: But be ready to compete for some no-to-low paying, bottom feeder positions just to get your foot in the door.

  6. Regular Celebrity Spottings

    Pro: It isn’t a rare occurrence to grab your morning coffee or an evening drink at the same place and time as a well known celeb…

    Con: But, it is considered to be very frowned upon/rude for a local to speak to or even acknowledge said celeb.

  7. Rain

    Pro:  Rain is rare in Los Angeles with heavy rains being few and far between…

    Con:  But it finally does rain, people tend to freak out.


  8. Walking/Biking Places

    Pro:  There are many areas of the city where you can easily walk and/or bike to awesome shopping, dining and entertainment…

    Con:  But when you finally do need to get on the freeway, be prepared for crazy traffic.

  9. The Plethora of Dining Options

    Pro:  Are you gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian or vegan? Never fear! Los Angeles is full of restaurants, both casual and upscale, with menus that will appeal to any diet…

    Con:  But be ready to spend a pretty penny at some of those places.

  10. The People

    Pro:  Everyone and anyone lives in Los Angeles.  It rivals New York City in being a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities etc.

    Con: But when everyone and anyone lives where you do, there WILL be crowds.

All in all though, we’d say living in Los Angeles is worth all of the “buts”! After all…