Thanksgiving Countdown

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away! For those of you who live in Santa Monica apartments and tend to rush around “the day of”, why not start preparing in advance and save yourself some stress?

We’ve put together some of the best tips gleaned from Apartment Therapy and Real Simple!

Shop In Advance

Shopping in advance goes hand-in-hand with making your actual shopping list in advance.  Knowing what you need in advance and then shopping as early as possible for non-perishables will same you time and trouble!  Real Simple recommends returning to the grocery store only 2-3 days before Thanksgiving day for perishables such as the turkey and dairy supplies).

Make Ahead

One stove for a turkey, sides and desserts can be daunting and time consuming! Know what foods can be cooked the day before and simply warmed up the-day-of.  Most appetizers, salads (sans dressing), cranberry sauce, pies and some vegetable sides can be made the day before. Real Simple has a great list of 24 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes here!

Create the Playlist

Background music during dinner can relieve awkward silences and even serve as a conversation starter between relatives and guests! You can create your playlist as far in advance as you’d like.

Preparing the Table

Unless you find yourself with guests and relatives underfoot during dinner prep, set the table and prepare your place settings the night before Thanksgiving!  If you do have a lot of well meaning relatives or guests that need to be given projects to feel helpful, save it for the day of and know who you can rely on for help.