Tandem Parking Driving You Crazy? There’s an App for That!

Tandem parking can feel inconvenient at times, but when you live in Los Angeles, it’s extremely common and often a necessity.

How many times have you come home from work or an evening out, only to find that your roommate or significant other hasn’t pulled all of the way into the tandem parking space, leaving you frustrated by their seeming lack of courtesy and them angry at the inconvenience of the short notice?


In an effort to save you and your parking mate time and stress, Ascent Applications has just debuted their Tandem Parking app for the iPhone!

Send your roommate the alert that you are on your way home with a quick tap. If they accept and need to be parked in back, they’ll receive a reminder when you are close to your home location allowing them to pull out as you pull in.

No calling, no texting and no waiting!


The tandem parking app is also extremely handy for anyone who shares a parking space with a coworker!

The Tandem Parking App is now available for free download at http://www.ascentapps.com/. Happy parking!