Take a Look at this Stylish 140 Square Foot Micro Home For Sale

We’ve written many times about our chic micro apartments in Santa Monica for rent, but micro-homes that are for sale are actually having quite a huge moment now!

One such micro-home is mobile; a bohemian Gypsy’s delight! At 140 square feet, the Toy Box Tiny Home is not only mobile but is also stylish and eco-friendly.


Designed and built by Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz, this micro abode is colorful on the outside and “green” on the inside.  Eco-friendly features include energy-efficient thermoplastic roofing and built-in planters that can be irrigated by gray water from interior sinks.

Other interior features include a European-style mini kitchen, built in desk that converts into a dining table, living room cube seating that converts into a guest bed, a sleeping loft that is large enough for a King size mattress and a bathroom that is compact yet sufficient.

The Tox Box Tiny Home is priced at $48,000.  Get more information on the official website HERE!