Stylish Corporate Apartments in Los Angeles: Not an Oxymoron defines the word oxymoron as a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.  At times, for those who travel often for work or need an extended stay in Los Angeles may feel that a stylish corporate apartment is an example of being an oxymoron.

Many corporate apartments in Los Angeles are anything but stylish and, let’s face it, anything but comfortable.  Furniture is disappointingly worn and full of strange odors, accessories can be sparse and lead to trips to stores for items you’ll just have to discard before traveling back home and at times etc.

But don’t give up hope; NMS  Properties offers a portfolio of professionally managed Los Angeles corporate apartments are indeed stylish, convenient and luxurious!

With locations throughout Brentwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Westwood, you’re sure to find the perfect short term apartment in Los Angeles for rent that includes Apple TV, Nespresso machine, cooking and dining utensils, in-unit washer and dryer, reserved garage parking, inclusive utilities and plush, odor free furniture that is perfect for relaxing or working from.

Find out more about the stylish corporate apartments in Los Angeles that NMS takes great pride in offering by visiting their website HERE.