The new studio apartments in Santa Monica makes luxury apartment living affordable!
Thesenew Santa Monica studio apartmentshave the following features:


  • Hardwood – like floors
  • Granite counter tops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Large bathrooms
  • Central Air/Heat
  • Balconies

At Olympic Studios you are never far from the action! You can walk to neighborhood restaurants, bars, and shops.

These new affordable studio apartments puts you in the middle of everything that Santa Monica has to offer,

such as the beach, Santa Monica Place, and Third Street Promenade!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to live in these new, affordable apartments in Santa Monica. Olympic Studios is currently leasing.

If interested visit the Olympic Studio Apartments Website or call the leasing office directly at (310) 828-3636.


New Student Apartments on Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica



Student Housing Advice

Student Life Materials


  1. Read everything your college sends you about the guidelines and requirements for living in the dorm. Most colleges require students to sign a document stating that they agree to all the terms and understand that violations will lead to disciplinary procedures. These publications also typically list many resources and information on aspects of campus life such as student services, medical center, dorm activities, counseling departments and room descriptions.


Same-Sex Versus Co-Ed Dorms

    1. Think about your daily routine before you decide between same-sex and mixed student housing. Same-gender dorms give you a chance to form lasting relationships with residents without the distraction of the opposite sex. They are usually quieter than co-ed dorms and appeal to studious types. On the other hand, living in a mixed dorm can give you a view of life in a real-world apartment. Typically, colleges offer new students the ability to tour the dorms and spend the night. Take your college up on the offer to see which living arrangements are right for you. Changing them during the semester is very hard, so decide carefully.


Colleges send out questionnaires to help residence life staff place you with a compatible roommate. Be truthful in your answers. For instance, if you want to experience your freedom but you usually go to bed early, then describe your normal routine. Think about the issues that may be important to you once the excitement of the

college experience wears off and you focus on your school and work schedules. 

A private room is a popular choice even though it’s more expensive. Because of high demand, these are available in

limited numbers. Get your application for a private room early or be put on a waiting list. Freshman usually have to wait until upperclassmen have picked out their private dorm areas.

Dorm Decor

  1. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of the same decor in peoples’ dorm rooms. Students generally shop at places like Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond to get their bedding and organizational furniture. You can buck the norm by personalizing your dorm room with funky items and furniture from flea markets and thrift stores . You can reupholster chairs and couches (see “Resources”), and paint over shelves and dressers with your favorite colors. Showcase your individuality. Try sewing your own drapes with interesting fabric or making your own artwork by painting canvases, taking photographs or framing drawings. If you’re music enthusiast, hang up old records in a decorative pattern on the wall. Your room will not only be a great conversation starter, but also will reflect your interests and hobbies.