Stinky Candles: The Latest Craze!

Burning scented candles around the home can be therapeutic, relaxing and sometimes even romantic.  Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses you have! Scientists have even concluded that certain scents have the power to evoke enriched memories, influence your decision making skills and alter your mood.

In THIS blog post by Ebay, the most popular scented candles include chocolate, fresh laundry, lavender and lemon.

But what about those scents that most people think are less than desirable? There are some scents that most think smell bad, while others think they smell good! Some of these scents include the smell of gasoline, a freshly sharpened pencil and even the scent given off from some ones underarms.

If you’re one of those people who think things that most others find “stinky” to actually be pleasant, you may want to invest in some Stinky Candles!

The Stinky Candle Company is the brainchild of Jeff Bennett, a Chicago based man who started manufacturing and selling candles with aromas such as wet grass, money, leather and car exhaust after deeming typical scents like vanilla and lavender as “boring”.

In speaking about his inspiration and starting his own company out of his garage, he says: “A lot of people I knew really liked scented candles and they loved receiving them as gifts. I wondered why we only ever see the same fragrances in shops and thought it would be a fun idea to try and come up with some unusual ones.”

While some of the Stinky Candle scents may be deemed as not-so-typically unpleasant, such as No. 2 Pencils, Bacon and Timber, which may remind you of the smell of a high school wood shop class, others slide further down the scent spectrum and include scents such as Dill Pickles, Fire Crackers and yep, Body Odor.

Are there any scents that you find appealing while many others don’t? Would you buy any of these candles for yourself or as a gag gift for a friend?

Orders can be placed online, but due to surprising demand, won’t be fulfilled until April of 2014.