Spa Week: The Most Wonderful Week of the All!

  • Being unhappy in your job
  • Increase in financial obligations
  • The death of a loved one
  • Moving
  • Chronic health issues

These are just some of the many, many top reasons for stress, according to an article from Web MD.  If you live in Los Angeles, add nightmarish traffic and FOMO (fear of missing out) to the list and well, we’ve got some pretty stressed out people!

Luckily for us, we live in a city that not only causes some of the stress, but caters to it as well.  The Los Angeles area is currently the home of hundreds and hundreds of spas and massage institutions, all ready to knead, rub and massage the tension away from sore muscles.

Not looking to add spending hundreds of dollars for a massage onto your list of stresses? Take advantage of Los Angeles Spa Week!

Happening April 21 through the 27th, Los Angeles Spa Week is certainly the most wonderful week, offering a ton of various spa treatments such as massages and facials, from some of the cities top spa and relaxation institutions for, get this, only $50 a pop!

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Simply log in or sign up and then search for a spa by name or neighborhood. Be sure to book your appointment in advance because there are a lot of stressed out Angelenos out there.

It’s easy, it’s inexpensive and your mind and body will thank you for it! Happy spa’ing!