Smoking Banned for New Tenants of Santa Monica Apartments

New tenants will be prohibited from smoking in their Santa Monica apartment.

There are no ifs, ands or butts about it: New tenants will be prohibited from smoking in their Santa Monica apartment, following a decision reached by the Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday night.

Smoking for new tenants of apartments and condos will be banned, and current residents who do smoke will have their apartments publicly designated as such, according to multiple reports.

The council, which has considered similar smoking bans in the past, approved the new measure by a 5-2 vote.

Council members who approved the smoking ban said it would help persuade Santa Monica residents from not taking up the habit, and that it would help attract people with asthma and others affected by secondhand smoke to live in the city.

Two council members voted against the ban, arguing that it goes too far and invades privacy.

Along with the implementation of the new law, landlords will be forced to canvass their existing tenants, after which their apartments will be designated as smoking or nonsmoking. Also, city officials will be distributing to residents a summary of the new law.

In Santa Monica, smoking is already banned at beaches, parks, restaurants and near buildings.

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