Smarter Not Harder: 3 Apartment Life Hacks

Life Hack: a strategy, technique or series of strategies or techniques adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

In our day and age, who doesn’t need a life hack ever-so-often?

Here, we bring you 3 apartment life related life hacks that may just make your experience living in a Los Angeles apartment a little smarter and a whole lot less harder!

1.  Avoid Lock Outs

Are you one of those people who constantly find yourself locked out of your apartment?  The Apartment Guide wrote this seriously helpful blog on how to prepare for future lock out incidents. We especially love the idea of keeping a spare key inside of your cell phone case!

phone screenshots

2.  Organize a Box of Cords

Who doesn’t have a ton of extra chargers and wires for various gadgets and computer equipment laying around? The next time you go to add yet another wire or cord to the box, try utilizing saved up toilet paper roll holders to keep them separated!

life hacks how to make your life easier (18)

3. Avoid “Dead Arm” Syndrome When Carrying Heavy Bags

Wouldn’t it be nice if every Los Angeles apartment building had an elevator? Actually, make that, elevatorsAt one point or another most Los Angeles apartment dwellers have had to shlep up the stairs either because their elevator wasn’t working or it was taking too long to reach their floor.

The next time you’re home from the grocery store with a ton of bags and find yourself back in the stairwell (or even just moving them from your car into the lobby), utilize an inexpensive carabiner keychain to do the heavy lifting!

life hacks how to make your life easier (38)