Six “Secret” Supper Clubs in Los Angeles

Any true foodie has most likely heard about those very cool and very hard-to-get-into “secret” supper clubs that happen in cosmopolitan cities around the world.  Unlike a restaurant, entry into a supper club is extremely limited to a small group of people that RSVP in advance. Many clubs require payment upon RSVP and those that don’t will have very strict rules about no-shows.

Most supper clubs will only meet once per month, although you may find a few that meet a bit more or less frequently, almost always at a location that is undisclosed to the public.  Menu’s are pre-set and, unless specified in advance, will not be altered to accommodate an individuals dislikes or allergies.


Luckily for you, modern day supper clubs are just as about the experience as they are about the cuisine and there are several very cool ones that you can join in Los Angeles!

Check out the links below to six of the best and most active supper clubs in Los Angeles.  Most of them will allow you to join their interest list and receive announcements on upcoming suppers, but there are also a few that are seeking a very specific type of guest in order to make their suppers more well-rounded or eclectic.

The Coconut Club


The Roulette Society

Wolves Mouth


Chicks with Knifes