Serial Plant Killer? The Best Plants for Apartment Living!

Have you ever known someone, be it a close friend, a distant neighbor or otherwise, who just loves to garden? These people thrive in the soil and revel in watching the green things they have worked so hard to cultivate grow and thrive!

If you live in a Los Angeles apartment, you most likely don’t have the space or the land to grow your own plants and instead choose to decorate with simple potted plants.

As simple as potted plants may be, some of us will still never know the joy these green thumbed people experience! Some of us buy perky little plants to water and nurture only to become mystified and jaded as perky little plant after perky little plant inexplicably dies.

Before you head down the wrong path (aka purchase tacky fake plants) take a look at the amazing infographic below from which brings hope to even the most green thumb challenged apartment dweller!


If you have already tried the plants mentioned above in the infographic and still find yourself at a loss, be sure that you are buying plants that work well with the lighting in your apartment or on your patio/balcony.

All plants are not created equal! Some tend to thrive only in mass amounts of sunlight, while others will shrivel and die in direct sun.

Take a look at THIS comprehensive list by the Farmers Almanac (because if they don’t know about plants, then no one knows about plants) that shows what plants need full, partial or no sunlight at all in order to grow.