Santa Monica’s new Tongva Park

Images of Santa Monica’s Tongva Park are circling around in cyber space, and we’ve got the images below! This 6-acre site is located between Ocean Avenue and Main Street, directly across from Ken Genser Square. Estimates completion time was set for fall 2013; however rumors are flying around that the park could open this month!

It’s a very beautiful park, with lots of green grass and Ocean Avenue overlooks; giving Santa Monican’s an alternative to Pacific Palisades Park. But will Santa Monica be able to control the homeless from over populating this new park, or will it become another scenery location filled with trash and the homeless? I am curious as to how it will turn out.

Tognva park

Either way, it looks inviting and offers another jogging route/picnic spot/alternative sunbathing spot! I look forward to the completion of the park and getting my fair share use of it.