Santa Monica to Expand Bike Share Program

There’s some good news for current and future bicyclists in Santa Monica: The city’s much-anticipated bike sharing program will be even more ambitious than previously expected, according to LAist.

City officials had reportedly planned for 25 bicycle kiosks and 250 bicycles for the launch of the bike share program. But now, grants will allow those numbers to swell to 35 bikes and 350 stations, respectively.

The bump in bikes and kiosks is due to the City of Santa Monica receiving more than $2.8 million from the Mobile Sources Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority and matching funds from the City of Los Angeles, LAist reports.

Through Santa Monica’s bike share program, bicyclists will be able to pick up a bike at one of 13 bike share stations, use it for a limited amount of time, and then return it to one of the stations, according to the Santa Monica Lookout.

Santa Monica’s bike share program, which is part of the City Bike Action Plan, was originally due to start in 2016 but is now reportedly three years ahead of schedule, following a separate $2.6 million grant from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority.

All current and prospective bicyclists will be encouraged to participate in the bike share program. [email protected], [email protected] and other NMS-owned apartments for rent in Santa Monica are located close to some of the city’s most bike-friendly streets and prominent bike paths.

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