Santa Monica Officials Urge Residents to Watch the Road

Amid an alarming spike in the number of fatal or otherwise seriously injurious traffic accidents in Santa Monica this summer, city officials are reiterating their support for a new public outreach campaign called “Watch the Road.”

Four fatal traffic collisions and three hit-and-run incidents involving drivers, pedestrians and a bicyclist have transpired this summer in Santa Monica. In an effort to improve traffic safety behavior and mobility in Los Angeles County, the Watch the Road campaign is increasing coordinated education efforts and enforcement.

Along those same lines, the Santa Monica Police Department is targeting motorists who fail to yield for pedestrians in a crosswalk, drive under the influence, speed and violate seat belt laws; and bicyclists who ride on a sidewalk and ride against traffic. The SMPD is also reminding pedestrians to use crosswalks, look for oncoming traffic before entering a street and avoid texting while walking.

City residents including those who live at NMS-owned apartments for lease in Santa Monica such as [email protected], Olympic Studios and 1422 on 7th will notice more locally placed signage spreading the message, “Disconnect. Stay alert, stay alive.”

Additionally, funds from Santa Monica’s capital improvement program for 2012-’14 are being directed toward re-marking and refurbishing pedestrian crosswalks and improving safety in the city. The measures were already planned as an effort to make the city safer and more pedestrian-friendly before the Expo Light Rail arrives in 2015.

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