Santa Monica Bike Share Program: How it Will Work & More!

Have you heard that Santa Monica is getting its own Bike Share program?

Joining the ranks of cities such as New York, Boston, Houston and Miami Beach, residents and visitors of Santa Monica will have 500 bicycles at their disposal in various hubs around the city, but these aren’t just any bikes, these are SMART bikes.Each 8 speed bike will feature GPS and on-board technology!


Like other state-of-the-art bike share programs, you’ll be able to utilize an app to locate the nearest bike hub to you, make a payment online and receive a numerical PIN that you enter to unlock the bike for use from its hub.  After use, simply return the bike to the nearest hub location convenient to you instead of returning it to its original location.

Cost per use is yet to be determined but as an example, Anaheim offers both passes and memberships.  With a pass, bike use is around $6 for an entire day and for those who will be utilizing the bikes on a more regular basis, memberships are $35 per month or $75 for an entire year.

While the bike share program is still working out some last minute details, it will launch a little later this year.  In the meantime, you can download the app that allows you not only to locate the nearest bike share hub to you, but also allows you to suggest new hubs, share road condition information and get social by organizing or attending bike share meetups!

Per their website, “The City of Santa Monica is excited to offer this environmentally-friendly alternative to help reduce traffic congestion and promote healthier neighborhoods.”  We can’t help but agree!