RENT CONTROL Apartments for rent Canoga Park Los Angeles


There are many programs that offer rent stabilized, also known as rent controlled, housing, including government funding and resources for private programs offering affordable and/or rent stabilized apartments. It is often at the discretion of the individual seeking rent controlled housing to decide whether he or she wants to rent from a private organization or through the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s public programs.


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    Determine if you are eligible for private rental assistance. HUD gives apartment companies subsidies to offer reduced rent to low-income, elderly and disabled renters. Individuals who wish to apply for housing using this public program can make no more than the “income limit” set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in his or her state, generally a very low percentage of the median income for the state in relation to family size. Interested individuals should apply directly to the management office of the apartment company.

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    Determine if you are eligible for public rental assistance. Public rental assistance provides rental housing, including single family homes, for low-income individuals and families, as well as the elderly and disabled. Public housing is overseen by HUD but managed by local housing agencies, known as HAs. HAs determine eligibility by income limits, similar to that of private rental assistance. Income limits are set at 80% and 50% of the median income for the county or city in which the HA is situated and the individual or family plans to rent property. Interested individuals should contact their local HA to apply for housing.

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    Determine if you are eligible for other housing assistance options, such as Indian Housing options or housing vouchers. Indian Housing promotes decent and affordable housing for low-income Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian individuals. The program is run through ONAP, the Office of Native American Programs, with six field offices in Denver, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Seattle, Anchorage and Phoenix administering assistance for the program. Housing vouchers are offered to very low-income families to find subsidized living arrangements on a more case-by-case basis. The subsidy is paid directly to the landlord by the local public housing agency on behalf of the family. Some families can even use vouchers to purchase a home, under authorization by the public housing agency. Interested individuals should contact their local ONAP field office or HA.