Post- Grad Apartment Tips in Los Angeles

Post- Grad Apartment Tips in Los Angeles

No longer living in the dorms and bearing the newly acquired and slightly weighty title of real adult, the average post-grad wants an apartment that is comfortable and homey, a space that exists at a level of class and maturity above that of the average dorm room, but which still allows for a reasonable amount of self-expression. Movie posters and the year’s collection of beer bottles (neatly lined up or not) are no longer held as the standard means of decoration, but you still want some way of expressing your own personal tastes in decor in a manner that doesn’t break the bank. A tougher task than you may have originally realized, especially after cashing in that first rent check and with under-employment the name of the game for recent college grads.

Low-cost stuff can be found with relative ease, if you are willing to think beyond the box and take the time scout around a bit until you find the things you are looking for. Of course the standbys of Target and Ikea can fit the bill, but there are other opportunities for making your first real home a bit homier for a bit less.

Post Grad Apartments

Thrift Stores

A number of second-hand thrift stores, and a quick trip to one of these shops can yield fantastic results. Scout around on the main streets of the more residential areas there are thrift stores of varying size, and while you won’t necessarily be able to get everything on your shopping list, as a general rule you will be able to find some of it. Also a great place for finding unique pictures and the like for decorating those bare walls.

Garage Sales

Hit the streets on sunny weekends in residential areas. You will almost always find a garage sale or two, and who knows? You may find that perfect bookshelf for your reading nook.


Craig’s List
Another standby, this website is a great way for connecting people that want stuff with people that want to get rid of stuff.