Our Most Colorful Santa Monica Apartments

There’s something to be said about a building that adds fun and color to the neighborhood that it’s located in regardless of how great the neighborhood already is.

Case-in-point? The gorgeous beach side city of Santa Monica!

While there are green lawns a plenty and awe inspiring sunsets on almost a nightly basis, some of our Santa Monica apartment buildings add to the landscape as well with bright and bold dashes of color.  Here are the buildings we own and manage, some of the most colorful Santa Monica apartments around!

NMS @ 1511

1511 Broadway

Santa Monica, CA


Bright and beautiful, these boutique Santa Monica apartments are located off of 15th Street and Broadway, across the street from the Santa Monica Co-Op.

Luxe @ 1548

1548 6th St.

Santa Monica, CA 90401


A splash of sass, anyone? New one and two bedroom Santa Monica apartments are located in this super convenient downtown Santa Monica location and are inside of this bold building with bright yellow accents.

Luxe @ 1539

1539 4th St.

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Another boutique Santa Monica apartment building located in the heart of the action packed area of downtown Santa Monica, the bright green color with orange accents really pops against the almost always blue color of the sky!